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Little Red

You wake up in a cabin in the woods with no recollection of who you are or what you are doing there. With point-and-click you explore your surroundings. You are at a recent crime scene where the iconic character of Little Red Riding Hood lies dead. You take on the role of a detective and try to solve puzzles and find clues scattered in and around the house. Your goal is to piece together the events of the murder. You pick up, move, rotate, combine and many other things in puzzle games throughout the game.

NOTE: This is a demo for the first game in a three part series :-) 


  • Explore an immersive, atmospheric world through point-and-click
  • Uncover clues and find memories to help you solve the mystery of the murder of Little Red Riding Hood
  • Engaging puzzles and an eerie story

More of us: (not available yet :) )


LittleRedBuild.zip 56 MB


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Et rigtigt fint lille puzzle/point and click-spil. Okay, der mangler måske lidt lydeffekter og der måtte gerne have været noget baggrunds musik. Men historien er god og opgaverne er simple og sjove at løse. Overordnet en fin lille demo. Godt gået.